Dutch artist Amie Dicke moved to New York in a bid to make it in the art world. Consumed by loneliness in a major foreign city she immersed herself in fashion magazines and connected with the images of the models that filled the pages. Kate, Gisele and Lily became more familiar to her than anyone else and suddenly her path became more clear.

“While looking at the glossy pictures… I started to draw black lines on the faces and bodies of the women using a pen. By adding flowing lines of black ink, I covered the original colours and other compositional elements. After that I took a knife and removed the space between the lines-the fashion, the jewellery, and parts of their faces and bodies” Dicke recalls.

This is the technique that she began applying to all of her icons. Colouring in and slicing up everything but a few vital elements. She would leave the model's hair and upper lip, maybe a pair of stilettos, or the nipples of a nude. Check out some of her work below and more on her site here

Amie Dicke Vogue
Amie Dicke Nails
Amie Dicke Lips