While I’m not her number one fan by a long shot there is something admirable about Victoria Beckham. The best singer she’s not and as she’s always pointed out she’s not the best looking girl she "just knows how to make the best of what (she’s) got". Well she has done pretty well and her Victoria Beckham Collection was met with rave reviews from surprised and slightly baffled critics.

She claims to have a great sense of humour and is constantly frustrated by the vast number of people who just don’t "get her". I was one of those people, but am kind of warming a little to her having seeing her latest promotional video for her first Victoria Beckham Collection. With tongue-in-cheek reference to her appearance in last years Marc Jacobs campaign (below) it appears that she doesn’t really take herself too seriously at all.. Refreshingly fashionable I reckon!

Victoria_beckham_marc_jacobs Victoria_beckham_marc_jacobs3_2