After PPQ I jumped in a cab and headed for Twenty8Twelve.

Twenty8Twelve, the label started by Sienna Miller and her sister Savannah
drew a very cool crowd last night. In a sleek and minimalist warehouse I chatted
with Roisin Murphy who said the show was "sweet"-"I prefer things that are  bit
more mad to be honest", I know Roisin, believe me! Matthew Williamson, Alexa Chung and Erin
O'Connor were there too and Jorudan Dunn closed the show in a stunning jade
green sequinned dress… a little like Balmain SS09 but we love that so it's
allowed. Apart from this one piece and some great leather jackets the show was
too safe. Spray on jeans, rock tees and blazers-nothing that hasn't been done
before, on more than a few occassions. 

While the label (backed by Pepe) is reporting a fantastic rise in figures,
they'll need to push the boat out next year to silence the critics and attract
people back.