It’s no secret that I like to dress like a small, lost boy. I’m not small (by most peoples standards) and I’m generally not lost but there’s something that draws me to this type of ‘undone’ dressing. Maybe I’m lazy and I like to fob that off as a style choice but I do love nothing more than boyfriend jeans, a slouchy tee or a cashmere knit and runners, or chunky boots if my feet are up to it. For me, it’s the sexiest thing a woman can wear… I’m sure a lot of hot blooded males or the body-con-loving among you may argue this point, but less (skin) is more in my book. And Lou Dillion, above, is flying the flag, taking over where her gorgeous mother, Jane Birkin, left off. For me, this is what style is all about. Looking comfortable and effortless and relaxed…. with a twist of man.

Images via Pinterest