When I’m asked what my favourite piece of clothing in the world is (that I actually own) I find it hard to think of anything that trumps my army jacket. That may sound ridiculous but it’s a legend and I feel my wardrobe would be a lonely place without it. It doesn’t sound like the sexier of wardrobe staples but when I wear mine I feel nothing but joy! I wear it on shoots when I need a million pockets, on TV when I’m bollo*ed and only that olive green will make me look alive, when I’m having a shit day and I need an authority injection or a great day and I just want to dress in the sartorial equivalent of pajamas. Nothing says I-rolled-out-of-bed-in-this-and-still-look-fabulous quite like an army jacket.

I got my camoflague one from Shutterbug and have an old plain one that cost me a fiver in The Loft years ago… Keep an eye out in charity shops of ask Blanaid in Shutterbug if she’s expecting some in x Here’s just ONE way I wear mine!