Bright and early last Sunday morning I got together with some of the most stylish Bloggers in the country for the first official Fashion Bloggers Brunch in Odessa.

As always the brunch was fabulous-the fattest French toast around washed down with the best Bloody Mary’s in Dublin-Mmmm. So, the food was super and the company better but hang on, there was more! Goodie bags to die for-€300 worth of the most gorgeous products which I can’t wait to get stuck into.

One in particular has really grabbed my attention. We were given the expensive but Oh-So-fabulous SKIN.NY moisturiser. Clinical tests and all that jazz say it’s the best on the market so who am I to argue.

It's been described by some beauty journalists as the “eight wonder of the world”. At €85 for a precious little tube (apparently you only need a smidge) it would want to do exactly what it says on the tin.

My canvas has been suffering a little as a result of my hectic summer schedule so I was dying to give this stuff a shot and will let ya’ll know how I get on!