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  1. Polly Bean

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    I’ve been friends with Polly Bean for the past few months have fallen in love with her humour and attitude to fashion! You may have heard about the fashion week(s) scheduling nightmare (read about it in Grazia here), well while it’s causing much distress and frustration with fashion folk the world over, but particularly in London, Polly has managed to see the light side of things! See her blog on Vogue.com

  2. Meow…


    I’d gladly get in a cat fight to win these bad boys over. I’m not a huge feline fan, rubbing and licking and that fake aloofness that shouldn’t be present in house pets, but cats on my feet, that I could get used to.

    Via StreetFSN

  3. Marni make Granny’s nude pop socks look pretty damn special

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    My eyes are bleary and I can’t see straight, apparently it’s ‘fashion flu’ which sounds naff and indulgent but there you go! I’m currently downing Berocca by the pint and praying that I can shake this (whatever it is) before shooting tomorrow… In the meantime here’s a little look at what Marni have been up to. It’s a funny one because they never get the fashion hype that, say, a brand like Prada does, and ye it’s a very different animal, but Marni consistently turn out beautiful collections that when disected throw up some winning pieces. I am in love with the architectural wooden heels above and broderie anglaise effect dress below. So pure and innocent but with a twist that suggests she won’t be in bed before 12!! What do you think of the Granny pop-socks? I’m quite partial!