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  1. YELLOW Trouser, duvet coat…



    The Topshop ‘Unique’ show is always one of my favourite on the London schedule. The fact that Katie Grand waves her magic styling wand over the collections may have a little bit to do with that, elevating what’s essentially a high street collection into something SO much more. They (Unique) set the trends just like other designers rather than follow them, like most high street stores tend to do… Kate Phelan’s influence is ever more apparent with a grown up feel, less faddish and more fashion forward. But above all that, fashion’s previously dirty word, wearable. That was the key… wearability.

    Image above thanks to Wayne Tippets x

  2. Belated LFW outfit post


    Image by Dunja at StyleDissection taken during London Fashion Week where I rebelled against the mandatory high heels and opted for comfortably ugly shoes from Topshop. Just to set the record straight I’m a forever fan of ugly-beautiful shoes. It’s a phenomenon that always draws me in… so ugly they’re beautiful or on the flip side so beautiful they’re ugly! Geddit? There’s a chance I’m now talking shit but I’m sticking to my guns.

    The above image was taken, on the same day obviously, by Yvan Rodic or The FaceHunter as most of you will know him as. I’ve been a fan of his shots for donkies so was happy to appear on his blog next to some impossibly stylish/well heeled chicks!

    Wearing; Louise Gray for Topshop tee (New Gen collection), COS coat, vintage espadrilles, Joanne Hynes ‘rag-doll’ necklace, flouro clutch from Coco.


  3. Polly Bean

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    I’ve been friends with Polly Bean for the past few months have fallen in love with her humour and attitude to fashion! You may have heard about the fashion week(s) scheduling nightmare (read about it in Grazia here), well while it’s causing much distress and frustration with fashion folk the world over, but particularly in London, Polly has managed to see the light side of things! See her blog on Vogue.com

  4. Gold leaf lovlies

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    I’ve been obsessed with gold forever. I tend not to wear silver unless it’s with gold and am from the more is more school where it’s concerned. So I was happy to see that it’s being used in lots of different ways for SS12. I got my awesome friend Maurice Flynn to use it in a models hair on a shoot this week and am very excited for you to see the results! He’s been very busy working with Herseshons on shows all through LFW (check out Holly Fulton, Louise Gray, DAKS and MORE for some of his handy work). Anyway, this is tough stuff to work with but the result is beautiful. It requires a light touch, patience and an acceptance that it will look wonderfully different on everyone. You can get it in stationary stores. I wore some under my eye for the day and was pleasantly surprised every time I clocked it because I felt fairy-like (this is very rare).

    I collected these images throughout the week so please shout if you know where they’re from x

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