We’re all familiar with bad hair days. That day when you have a hot date, a job interview or a TV appearance and your hair just refuses to do what you wish it would. Basically any day that it shouldn’t happen it will but thankfully we have hats and head-scarves and ponytails to help us in our hour of need. But what about a “bad face day“. They happen. On the same big days a spot pops up, or a cold sore appears. While balaclavas have yet to make it onto the list of acceptable head gear, designer Martin Margiela has come up with a very fashionable alternative to a paper bag

Margiela’s 20th-anniversary collection was a reminder of the continuing relevance of his designs. Almost every look had a familiarity about it-old collections were revisited but made current with subtle tweaks. The most striking element of the show, however,  was the “incognito” models with their faces blanked out by stocking scarves and cascades of hair.

So maybe it’ll catch on. His designs have always influenced and inspired others so wearing a scarf or a sock over your face will become the next big trend. Or not. How the hell would I eat my lunch!..