If you have no time to exercise and those MBT thingy’s are a bit chunky for you it could be time to invest in FitFlops, the "flip-flop with a built-in gym" that tones your bum and legs while you walk. I reckon they’re the perfect solution for me…after serious over-indulgence in Galway my marathon training has taken a bit of a beating so hoping these bad boys will help me cheat a little!

The ‘Aurelia’ Gladiator Sandal is a limited edition FitFlop targeted
for those who want an edgier style than the FitFlop sportster range.
Created by Bliss Spa entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore and a team of footwear
engineers, the idea behind these fabulous shoes is that they fight
cellulite while you walk. Although the benefits of FitFlops for toning
up flabby thighs and bums made it an instant success, Kilgore’s initial
range didn’t quiet cut it with fashionistas. Enter the Aurelia…

Designed in collaboration with the owners of the New York’s fashion
store ‘Kirna Zabete’ the Aurelia Black Leather FitFlop was born. The
idea was that the new breed of Fitflop could be “worn with a Balenciaga
Dress, Rick Owens Jacket or a Nina Ricci Tunic”. The Aurelia Gladiator
FitFlop is bang on trend for summer and can be worn with a lot more
than old trackie bottoms.

I ordered mine months ago on Net-a-Porter but when the time came my
credit card was feeling a little depressed so I had no choice but to
resist. You can imagine my delight when I heard the fantastic news that
Dublin’s very own Chica Boutique in the Westbury Mall stocks these
beauties (only 10 of them mind so get running)! The only stockist’s in
Ireland and one of three worldwide Chica come in cheaper than
Net-a-Porter at €135 compared with €151 (plus shipping).

I’ve got mine ready to go for the “Picnic”-comfy, cool and helping to battle the onslaught of toxins inbound!