Well after another dreary, make that abominable weekend of rain I’m finally sitting down, coffee in hand and very excited about it. As you all know I’m training for the marathon. In the name of fitness and in keeping with the “Impossible is nothing” motto I dragged my tired ass out of bed on Saturday morning to join 3,000 others in the Pheonix Park for a 10-mile run. Yes, 10 whole miles. For you metric kids that’s 16 kilometres. Well, I’m still here and that’s a major achievement in itself but I actually rocked it. Cruised to the finish like Sonia back in the glory days. My cunning plan worked a treat and I finished well in the remedial group instead of last in the mediocre group! Good for the morale, I reckon, even if my body feels a little delicate after it.

Whose bright idea was it to have the bloody race in October anyway? Socially it just doesn’t make sense. There are way too many cool things going on over the Summer to tempt me away from a long run. But I’ve come up with a plan to ensure cocktail consumption doesn’t interfere too much with my eventual goal. After a good night on the town I force myself to do 5 miles the following day. It’s actually pretty easy and makes me feel Oh-So virtuous. For half of it I’m confused as to why I’m running around rattling my brain instead of eating yummy treats while snuggled on the couch. But by the second half, once the adrenaline has kicked in I’m all over that road (in a good way) and the finish is in sight.

There have been many doubtful moments where all I want to do is ditch my Asics for my Louboutins but I’m determined to persevere. Whenever I feel myself faltering I watch Rocky-seeing that bad boy with the tyre around his waist and the sweat dripping makes me remember why I signed myself up for all this madness. To prove that sweat and tears can still look good. Think Flashdance. Leg-warmers, lycra, cut-off jerseys, I might even throw on a bit of lame for effect! Yes, this gruelling schedule I’ve inflicted on myself is a lot easier with a little 80’s injection…