For many, ethical clothing evokes images of “hippies” in shapeless Fairtrade basics and polyester, floral vintage dresses. There are misconceptions and false ideas but this image is slowly shifting and ethical fashion is back in Vogue (literally!) 

Companies like Re-Dress are bringing the issue of ethical fashion to the forefront and into peoples consciousness by educating customers and retailers alike. Kate Nolan, Kellie Dalton and Rosie O’Reilly, the brains behind the operation have just re-launched their new site, full of interesting facts and figures, links and diagrams.

Interestingly, they highlight the fact that companies who are dedicated to being socially responsible are more likely to be successful and have a definite advantage over their competitors. 

· Research shows that 72% of companies that are considered leaders in implementing
environmental and social policies to create sustained competitive advantage have out
preformed their competitors over the last three years. (Goldman Sachs, 2006)

· “Socially responsible retailers are more profitable” (KPMG 2007)

· 35 % of consumers want to purchase ethically but are looking for retailers to help them. (Financial Times 2007)

Re-dress believe that consumer power and demands are the only thing that will force retailers to supply a more ethical product. Their week-long event Fashion Evolution will be kicking off in April with an abundance of cool, quirky events including Gurerrila knitting (more on that later), sowing work-shops, swap shops and talks by industry leaders. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, check them out here. Ditch Primark and start taking responsibility for what you buy-“you are what wears you”.