‘Black and blue’, sounds more dubious than it actually is. But there are still people who live  by ‘rules’ that were made years ago by someone trying to wreck the fun side of fashion. Never wearing black and navy together was one of those. “Blue and green should never be seen” another ridiculous one, ‘if you’re a redhead you can’t wear pink or orange’-Bull-shit! There are more and please feel free to tell me your most annoying ones below! So, breaking rules… clashing colours and styles and putting things together that really shouldn’t be put together is one of my favourite things to do (besides drinking gin). Tie-dye socks, colour block shoes, tapestry beaded bag, leopard print bag-all the little touches that make a simple outfit personal! Slightly schizophrenic, like all my favourite looks.


Vest top (not really seen) by Topshop Boutique; Coat by Chloe; navy skinnies by H&M Trend; puch bag by Forever 21; socks by Topshop; shoes by River Island; peace necklace by Ginette NYC at Costume (see their fab new website here) x