So, it’s not as low-fi as usual and it’s also not on my grotty terrace so you may be a little uncomfortable but this is one of my most favourite-est outfits I’ve worn in donkies. I wore it to the Diet Coke/Gaultier bottle launch, it was not very well planned but is the perfect mixture of flashing and manky! I was meeting my boyf for a fat Mexican (meal) after. First he laughed, which is not unusual… backstory I have the most beautiful Tim Ryan fringed blush pink knit top that  I once wore to dinner with friends, he fondly referred to me as big bird for the night-I can’t tell you now that Big Bird don’t spend that much dough on his feathers! Anyway, his response to above outfit was better. On reflection he mailed to say this; “I love the Gun slinging, basketball playing, mermaid look….its my fav x”. I think it’s my ‘fav’ too.

I can’t even remember who I stole the Michael Jordan ‘Bulls’ vest from but I adore it. I wear it running and to bed and to… other stuff. It’s an all rounder. Skirt is from Zara and camouflage jacket from Shutterbug.


What do you think?!

Image; Anthony Woods