Once in a while I stumble upon someone who intrigues me. I've never seen her before but all of a sudden features I read, sites I visit, photographers I love are all talking about her. OK, so I sound like a perv and I'm not really, well sometimes but usual with men instead of women. Anyway, meet Jen Brill…

Current squeeze of super photographer Terry Richardson and muse to Alexander Wang, Brill has certainly lived a charmed life. According to Handbag.com "Jen grew up on the Upper East Side and led a posh, Gossip Girl-type lifestyle before studying History of Art at Parsons and getting in with the 'in crowd'". After years as a successful event planner, Brill is now director at Fred & Associates photography agency. Well, whatever crowd she's in and regardless of how many silver spoons she's been sucking on I think she rocks.

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