My love for Street Style blogs/sites cannot be underestimated. I’ve been raving about The Sartorialist, Face Hunter and our very own Dublin Streets for donkies now. I am also a huge fan of invite only, DIY photoblog Lookbook NU (thanks Matt). Catching people in their everyday lives, seeing how they interpret the trends and make them wearable is so much more interesting than cut and dry editorial and inspires an afternoon of dress up like nothing else. 

I found a site called Feedsion which is not especially jazzy or pimped out in its’ design but does exactly what it says on the tin. It feeds images from street style blogs across the world and organises them by city. Dublin isn’t featured yet but maybe Fashion Filosofy or Dublin Streets will get on the case. 

With images from some of the best; The SartorialistFace Hunter and Glamcanyon it’s a handy way to get a healthy dose of style watching without clicking the day away…

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Street Style London Facehunter 

Street Style Barcelona

Street Style Brick Lane
Street Style Vancouver

Street Style Smoking 

Street Style Milan

Street Style Bicycle