photoI don’t need to say very much as I think dreams are always less fun when they’ve been articulated. Last week I spent an afternoon of dreams trying on beautiful Louis Vuitton creations and choosing one to wear to the Glamour ‘Women of the Year Awards’. How I’ve been let into either of these places is beyond me but it’s also a conversation for another day. Back to Louis… I’ve been perving on the Vuitton shows for years… Shows where they take over a train station or build a carousel, and transport you into a world where nothing else exists but beautiful things and even beautiful-er people.

I’ve wanted a monogrammed ‘Keepall’ since I knew what a handbag was and have debated what initials I would use. In fact, my dream home has stacked monogrammed trunks (see below)  filled with books and shoes, and matching luggage spilling from the cupboard. But for now I’m content wearing a feather biker, sheer panels that make bending over scary and a tiara. A tiara people! I’m a new woman…



The Glamour Women of the Year Awards 2013

With my pal the mega Gemma Cairney arriving… photo 6

photo 2

photo 4

Thanks Maurice Flynn for doing my DO and to SmashBox for painting my mug xxx