It’s suddenly that time of year again when the good and great of Ireland cast aside their egos (or inflate them depending on hair growth) to “cultivate a Ronnie” in aid of Movember. Whether you think they should be left to Tom Selleck and 12 year old boys on the 19a eager to prove their manhood, for the month of November none of that matters. 

A fun and lively charity that creates huge awareness for prostate cancer, Movember (and the moustache) is fast becoming as synonymous with prostate health as the Pink Ribbon is with women’s breast health. Read all details here if you fancy getting involved, and you should! 

If you’ve got no facial hair yourself and think it’s unlikely that you’ll develop it within a month then help a “Mo Bro” out by standing beside him throughout November wearing this T-shirt (below). It’s from Topshop and unrelated to Movember but Turtlehead or some other t-shirt company should be drafted in to design a tee for the cause!

Also check out Eurotash by Steve Ryan and Conor Creighton and be sure to buy a copy. All proceeds go to Movember and the images are priceless. 

Moustache Tee from Topshop £20