Monday is always a little mixed up for me! The weekend is over but it doesn’t feel like the week is yet in full swing. I sometimes find it difficult to focus on any one thing so instead of fighting it I’ve decided to embrace it. Here’s what I’m loving, or at least thinking about today…

VV Brown;
She sang at the Ashish show in London and blew everyone away. She’s close to 6ft but angelic as hell and then she opens her mouth. This raspy, loud, rocky, soulful voice bursts out and you can’t help but love it. Her little dance moves rock too-check it our below…

Erdem Paint Splattered Boots;
Housed in the beautiful Somerset House the show was incredible. The entire collection was exquisite, not least the boots. I heart these… 
Erdem AW09 Shoes

Luella did them in London and Marc Jacobs in New York-who are we to argue!?
Marc Jacobs Mohawk  Luella AW09 Mohawk
Zebra Sweatshirt by Ashish;
There are so many ways I could wear this. It’s perfectly practical, no? I think so, definitely an “investment” piece. OK, maybe not but why spend what little disposable income you have on basics? This will make you smile every time you see it, imagine how you’ll feel wearing it.
Ashish Zebra
Sew & Tell in The Loft; 
The talented bunch at the Loft Market will be on site this Thursday (March 5th) to demonstrate their skills, answer questions and talk about their inspiration. They’ll even give you a go if you fancy yourself as the next Gok Wan!
Sew & Tell 
It-Bags are Over;
It's been predicted that "It Bags", the ultimate status symbol of the early noughties will soon become an embarrasment to their owners. Vulgar, over-indulgent, uber-luxurious. In this "current economic climate" €15,000 bags are frowned upon rather than celebrated. Were they ever really celebrated? Longchamp have brought out tongue-in-cheek It Bag "Ceci est un It Bag" (that's "I'm an It Bag") for the uncultured among you!