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The departure of Pat Kenny from the Late Late Show has got me feeling a little nostalgic about Irelands Friday night staple. Yesterday I read an interview by Gay Byrne which backed Kenny’s decision and where he said his only regret was not bowing out in the same fashion himself years earlier than he did. Well, I know it should be all about Pat Kenny but for me, he’s never been a patch on Gaybo; which brings me to my 1st point…


I interviewed Boyzone last at the Meteors a couple of weeks back about their style and new sleeker image. With inspiration from the likes of Tom Ford, the boys are looking considerably sharper than their former selves. Gay Byrne helped to launch the boys into popular culture but even he wasn’t fully convinced! Years later and back in the game with Meteor nominations and tours I hope Boyzone haven’t forgotten their roots… A little reminder of where it all began for them.


Gladiator Necklace

25 year-old Dublin born designer Merle O’Grady trained in Fashion Design at Limerick School of Art & Design before relocating to London in 2004 to pursue her passion – accessories. She’s already worked with designers Tracey Boyd, Betty Jackson, Pauric Sweeney and Topshop’s Design Studio-experience which is evident in her latest collection. Forget gladiator sandals, this Summer it’s all about the “Gladiator Necklace”. 
Merle O'Grady SS09

Ethical Fashion

A couple of sites you should check out

Also, follow this to see a recent shoot "Redress the Issue" myself and Lili Forberg did using only vintage, secon-hand and ethically produced clothes.


Working on a laptop for hours on end means that often I forget to really enjoy reading. ADD kicks in and I flit from one post/page to the next in milliseconds, taking in the bare minimum before moving on to the next topic. Well, I’m just back from a week in sunny Spain where I forced myself to abandon my internet obsession and divert back to a good old book. An old favourite of mine-Shantaram-“Slumdog Millionaire” without the Bollywood bling. If you haven’t heard of it already, you will soon as Johnny Depp is set to star in the film adaptation-that’s one book to movie I will not be boycotting! 



Not the kind you’re thinking of (I’m not into that either). WAR is a new night in SPY every Friday which encourages indulgence in fashion, fads and general fabulousness with a good dose of Fuzzy Naval, Flaming Sambuca or Fosters depending on your taste. Anyway, children’s toys splayed around and “Spin the bottle” ensure a night to remember, or not…  

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