So, it’s Tuesday. St Patrick’s Day to be exact so Mix-it-up Monday is obviously a little late. But “better late than never” right? Here's what I'm loving today "or at least thinking about"!

The Blizzards
The Meteor’s are on tonight and so the tune of the week is Postcards by The Blizzards. Nominated for three awards this year
(best live act, best Irish band and best pop act). I’m off to catch up with
them and the rest of the bands, artists, chancers later today!

Embellished Tights
Miucci Prada has transformed Miu Miu from Prada's fun little sister to a sophisticated equal this season. Forget coloured or patterned tights, AW09 will see tights adorned with crystals, hoops and all manner of loveliness.
Miu Miu Embellished Tights Miu Miu Embellished Tights2
Topshop's Vintage Inspired Handbag
For those of you who don't appreciate the joy and rewards that come with rooting though a box of bags in charity shops, Topshop have done the work. Well, faked it. But rather well I think you'll agree…
Topshop Vintage Bag

The Sartorialist has been one of my favourite sites for years. It always provides inspiration and when the funds are a bit low a quick look at the many fabulous creatures on Scott Schumans blog will soon remind you of things you already have that can be worked in a different way. A perfectly appropriate and non-depressing recession busting site! Check out Dublin Streets for the Irish version…
The Sartorialist Red Coat
Tesco's Price Parity
So this is not the most interesting topic I've ever written about so I won't delay. Yesterday Tesco brought all Euro prices on their clothing lines in line with Sterling. Which means, for the first time in the history of the world-we here in rip-off Ireland actually pay less (7% less) than our British counterparts. The perfect Paddy's Day treat, non!? (Bag below €15)
Tesco Oversized Shopper €15