I’m still in London and here’s a quick rundown with more juice and proper reviews to follow.

Peter Pilotto rocked and has grown up with long coats and dresses, more tailored pieces and a greater emphasis on sillohette rather than print. Texture is the buzz word with fur making up a big part of that (Anna Wintour and Hillary Alexander even had a fur off throughout the week). Add leather, metallic, velvet, silk, lots (and LOTS) of knitwear to said fur and you get the texture picture.

After Todd Lynn (leather, fur, avatar hair) I skipped off to hit up Topshop for some M250 action with my sweetheart Aisling Farinella. Not the usual demolition but after tea and plans in the fitting room we left! Dinner with a fashion friend fuelled me up for some dancing. On to the British Fashion Council designer party in Mahiki which was ace; at one point I was dancing next to Harold Tillman the head of BFC-busting some nice moves to 80’s choons in fairness. I was wearing my fab Tim Ryan fringed jacket which was a bit of a hit… pics to follow and maybe even on ELLE.com!

Today started with Joanne Hynes and Helen Steele in Vauxhall Fashion Scout. There was a serious Irish turn out which was cool-I sat up front with Ais for a good view! Constance Harris was there along with Deirdre McQuillan, Tatler’s Jessie Collins, Jessica Whyte from Social and Personal and lots’ more.  Julie Feeney and Sharon Coor represented the music heads. I’ll review the show in detail later but in short it was a mix of everything! Aran knits, brocade, tweed, leather, fur, skins, mellatics, Helen’s silk prints( beautiful) and crazy platform shoes. Quick interview with the ever-dapper Brendan Courtney from Off the Rails backstage and I’m off!

After that I went to see Melanie Rickey who was doing a Q&A with David Koma in Topshop, really nice informal chat about the industry and design in general, quick catch up with her and I dashed to Fashion East where Simone Rocha was showing with James Long and Elliot Atkinson. Simone’s collection was ACE, again I’ll get into later in the week but the shoes alone were enough to make me sweat.  Front row perving on Scott Schuman, Natalie Hartley, Nicola Roberts and Brix Smith was fun!

Which brings us to now… I’m off to Ashish where Celestine Cooney will no doubt work her magic again! Over and out. Dinner with my sis, home tomorrow, flat shoes for a week!