Lisa_cannon_2Expose’s Lisa Cannon graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a B.A in Drama and Theatre Studies and a Master’s Degree in Film. She has since worked on film and television sets in Ireland and in the USA including Sex and the City, King Arthur and Bachelor’s Walk.

Lisa has interviewed many major movie and music stars from red-carpet events to movie premieres. Some special interviewees include Annette Bening, Jeremy Iron, Will Smith and Colin Farrell. She is always on the run and busy presenting Expose not to mention working on numerous other exciting projects.

I take a peek inside her fab wardrobe and find myself longing for a “ghetto-tastic” coat!

1. First Fashion Memory
I remember going on the programme ‘Anything Goes’ about 25 years ago on RTE when I was a little kid and I had this fantastic dress black and white with big bows. I loved it so much and I didn’t let anyone have it for years.  Looking back it was a bit 80’s but I thought it was the greatest thing ever!

2. Favourite Designer Label
Its hard to buy designer as its so expensive but my favourite is Galliano but many including D&G, Christian Louboutian and of course everyone loves some Chanel. I am definitely more of a high street girl but from time to time I love to indulge.

3. Best Bargain Buy
Bags and Shoes in Century 21, I bought a few bags designer in different colours and the shoes are just fantastic there it’s a bit of an Aladdin’s cave. My slice of heaven.

4. Most Expensive Item in your Wardrobe
Can I say!? Possibly a DKNY faux fur winter coat It’s so, so warm I could use it as a duvet-it’s so fabulous very ghetto-tastic!

5. Top of your Wish List
A biker jacket. I have always wanted one and never got around to buy one a few years back but I’m on the hunt! I am also a massive fan of Juvi Jewellery designs, they are exquisite designs and the natural stones look fabulous on the skin. I am delving into their new collection at the moment and will be stocking up when they arrive into House of Fraser in September.

6. Most Stylish Moment
I’d say the TV Now Awards this year or the Meteors-I loved both dresses-Vivienne Westwood for the Meteors and Paula King at Tamem Michael for the TV Now Awards-lots of fun for both occasions.

7.  Style Icon
My 50’s icons are Rachael Welch and Brigitte Bardot. Modern day icon’s include Gwen Stefani, Kate Moss and Catherine Zeta Jones-all very classic, elegant but a bit of a funky twist!

8. Favourite High-Street Store
Karen Millen and Zara – there are always at least 5 things I want to buy in there at any given time!

9. Fashion or Style
Style. I always believe you can mix it all up and change all the time. Throw out some of the old and mix it up with the new, a bit of vintage and some essential classics. Always live by your own style.

10. Breakfast this morning!?
Nothing. I was dashing out the door to go to London – more interviews for Xpose. All in a days work!