Lipsy opened their doors yesterday with a queue of eager ladies ready to spend their hard-earned cash on bold and bright threads that have no place in a country where hailstones in May are really not that surprising. But by 11am they had already reached their target for the day. They sold 65 of one particular dress and were ringing up 10 pieces a minute at one point! 

Celebrities from Paris Hilton to Amy Winehouse, Girl Aloud and everyone in between have rocked Lipsy clothes for the past couple of years and their new VIP range has been a serious hit with buyers and customers alike. 
Back to the point. Tomorrow is the official opening of the first stand-alone Lipsy store in Ireland, with Jessica Taylor dancing on ice. In Dundrum? No, that sounds wrong. She starred in the series “Dancing on Ice” and will be there in all her candy-coloured glory cutting the ribbon. With an after party in the Mogan hotel and well known faces flying in from London, Lipsy are certainly planning to do it style.

Just remember to bring a spare dress in your oversized clutch in case Bridie next to you was one of the other 64.

Some rain appropriate gear below if the tropical prints feel like salt in the wound…
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