Belated post on Joanne Hynes/Helen Steele collaboration at Vauxhall Fashion Scout last Tuesday during London Fashion Week. It was SO much fun. I sat with my good mate Aisling who coincidently styled Joannes SS11 shoot which I LOVE. Anyway, there we all were a bunch of Irish style heads and press waiting patiently for the rebirth of Joanne Hynes. It was worth the wait.

Firstly I think teaming with the talented Ms Steele was genius and the resulting printed dresses were particularly beautiful (1st shot above is one of my favourites). It was a veritable fashion feast with texture playing a huge part, sometimes a little too much. The aran playsuits-ace, the jewelled knits-perfect, the printed silks-wonderful, the signature leathers updated with metallics-cool. The tweed column dresses made me scratch my head a little and I’m not really sure why these were included although they made the next day papers thanks to Joe Hogan’s nest hat thingys.

Overall I think it was a massive step in the right direction and I was proud to watch it-it made people smile. I know Joanne for a while and have always felt there was a disconnect between what she designed and how she dressed herself. She’s got an amazing sense of personal style and for the first time in a long time it felt like Joanne Hynes.

The show was styled by the wonderful Annemarie O’Connor who, to be fair, was faced with a pretty big challenge. With a critical eye I would say that it lacked a bit of focus and the edit could have been sharper but overall the whole team did a pretty amazing job. Here’s to next season!