On Saturday, after a cycle in the Pheonix Park, I head to Jervis Centre to get my jeans on with Brendan Courtney. He was launching  The Fashion Movement, which will feature their new Jenius-Jeans Style Station every Saturday and Sunday, so I was acting a guinea pig for him! Now, he’s a friends so I’m a tad biased but Brendan has a rare gift that means women will happily drop their drawers for him, not like that, you pervert. He just makes women comfortable, inhibition-less and happy to be prodded and poked in the name of fashion. He even got me into flares (Topshop, Jessie’s to be exact). Yes, having lived in skinnies for years it may take a forceful nudge from him but I’ll give it a go, I think…

His tips on shopping for jeans;

  • Start with a little stretch; try finding denim with a little give
  • Avoid bootcut; use a wide leg to balance the hip
  • Try a skinny jean! They make every leg look slimmer. You’ll be amazed. Start with a jegging to break you in and remember, it’s all about what you wear on top
  • Back pocket size: big on small bum, small on a big bum
  • The perfect indigo colour is always the best place to start and is much easier to smarten up

Image above is from a Calvin Klein ad that was banned as it’s a bit raunchy.

The Fashion Movement will be on from 20th August – 10th September