A couple of weeks back I was asked to take a look at the IMTV nominees for Best Styled Video, pick my favourite and chat about it (I know it’s a tough gig). I chose Julie Feeney’s video for Impossibly Beautiful and was delighted that she won! On top of this I was honoured to be asked to present the award along with James O’Neill from Bitches with Wolves on what was a seriously cool night in the Sugar Club. 

Below is the video where myself, Corina Gaffey (Fashion Editor extraordinaire), Jessie Collins (iVenus Editor) and Blanaid Hennesy (super super Interior Designer) dissect each of the nominees and rant about styling, image and all that jazz.

Big mention to Helen O'Reilly who pretty much single-handedly organised the whole thing and hosted it too. Add to that her h-amazing legs and I pretty much hate her! slash love her….

Below some pics from the night;from L-R. Angela Scanlon (that's me), Vittoria Colonna, Julie Feeney, James O'Neill.

IMTV Awards Angela Scanlon, James O'Neill

IMTV Awards Angela Scanlon, James O'Neill. 2