It's been a very busy couple of weeks for me and doesn't look likely to let up pre-Christmas which I guess is a good thing! Anyway, while I usually ramble about things I'm keeping this brief. Very.

Mawi is a fantastic jewellery label that I fell for during London Fashion Week a few years back. It's pretty steep so until now I've considered it too extravagant to splurge on. The good news is that they've just done a collaboration with ASOS which looks pretty cool and is priced well with nothing over the €100 mark.

I love the gold grid-like bangle. Sumptuous and totally impractical for typing, writing and eating. Like all the best jewellery!

Mawi for ASOS 1 Mawi for ASOS 4

Mawi for ASOS 2Mawi for ASOS 3

Mawi for ASOS 6Mawi for ASOS 5