I don’t know what I can say about Eme Vandal designer Alison Conneely that will properly convey my awe for her. She’s a stylist that as Sarah Rickard so articulately put it, ‘is in a league of her own’. Her styling work is always thought-provoking and utterly beautiful.

But, as well as being a talented stylist, she is also an accomplished designer. She started her label, Eme Vandal, in 2007 and has managed to combine a romantic vision of old Ireland with a clean, minimalistic aesthetic that is contemporary and absolutely lust worthy. I want to be the woman in the above shots. I want to have the sophistication to wear these silk beauties and the ladylike poise that would make it look like a natural move away from my skinny jeans.

Some day soon I hope to grow into this chick! In the meantime I’ll be buying myself one of the ACE animal hair necklaces that I’ve been seeing in my dreams… full collection <here>