Angela Scanlon's guide to surviving the madness and mayhem.

· Wear heels, the higher the better
· Carry a giant bag to hold all your goodies
· Have Neurfen on hand for your sore feet
· Wear shades-(Raybans preferably), even inside
· Layer tops, cardigans, shirts and coats
· Borrow your boyfriends jeans but team with super-high shoes
· Team socks with sandals
· Ditch the tube in favour of taxis
· Blag your way into shows that you don’t have tickets for-they’ll likely be the best!

· Get some snooze time at any available opportunity


· Wash your hair everyday-bedhead, punky hair is much cooler (so are centre partings)
· Smile, too often
· Act excited when you see Roisin Murphy, Alexa Chung or Kanye West (I was the ultimate nerd and couldn’t even formulate a sentence for Ms Murphy!)
· Give up coffee or red wine-these babies will be your saving grace
· Skip the chocolate, thin may be in-sugar lows and moody cows are not
· Forget your tickets
· Pretend you care when you see either of the Geldof sisters-they’re both twats
· Que-assume you are important and others will too!


Above all else, have fun. It's fashion week, not jury duty!