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I’m researching an editorial at the moment and looking around for inspiration. I find myself drawn to black and nude. It can be a bit dull sometimes, but the fabrics I’m choosing are are soft and romantic and beautiful. I’m also much more interested in Irish design and excited about what’s to come next year. Designers like Eilis Boyle, Tim Ryan, Emma Manley, Eme Vandal, Natalie B Coleman, Electronic Sheep, Mia O’Connell and Amanda Grogan. I could go on.

These are all designers with incredible talent who work seriously hard to keep going in a market obsessed with the next cheap fix. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, next year, I will be buying as much from Irish designers as I can. Not buying three tops but choosing one incredible piece that I’ll cherish for years. Supporting those that are working to make this industry a better one to be part of. So, when you’re doing your shopping pop into Irish stores and be aware of Irish designers; you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find!

On a side note, myself and Johnny Savage recently braved the cold to do a great shoot featuring only Irish designers. I’m thrilled with how it turned out and can’t wait to show you…

DiamondAttack on Humans for eBay

eBay.ie recently announced a stylish collaboration with budding Irish fashion design duo, Attack on Humans.  For the first time ever, eBay.ie has come together with an emerging designer to offer a 5-piece capsule collection to be sold exclusively through stores.ebay.ie/attackonhumans. The tops are completely handmade and comprise of luxurious silk jerseys, crepes and chiffons, which are juxtaposed across the body to add a directional edge. They’re 90 quid a pop and I’m bagging one now!

DiamondLooks I Love…

Cosy and chic. The Scandinavians nail it every time.. We need lessons in how to dress for this Baltic weather!

DiamondIreland’s most influential in fashion…

This is a great idea, what better way to draw a line under 2010… A year that was so great for Irish fashion. Here’s to many, many more!

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It’s a beautiful day. (Snowy, cold but beautiful!)

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