There’s nothing like a bit of Irish humour to make me smile, which is why these awesome t-shirts cheered me up no end this morning. With familiar phrases like “Ah Jaysus”, “Bleedin’ Deadly” and “Scarleh” they make you feel like ironic, a bit cheeky and proud to be Dublin Irish! The idea was masterminded by the WhatWillIWearToday sisters! Not nuts about the name-“Plain White T-Shite” (I think I prefer the word shit to shite but maybe that’s just me!) Still, I’d definitely wear one of these bad boys… What would you like to see on them? I’m going for “Give up your aul’ sins” in a proper Moore St Granny’s accent or “Gerrup Ouuvit” in a slightly strained, tracksuit bottom wearing mumble!

Buy them here for €15