We all love a jolly old Christmas jumper, or at least we pretend to when we get an invite to an unoriginal (but fun) “Christmas Jumper Party”. In reality this style is best left to Gay Byrne. But, if you’re still after a smashing little jumper to keep you cosy and chic, look no further than Antoni & Alison.

You can be anything you want; waitress, clown, French maid or glamour puss. I have a penchant for dressing like a hobo at times so feel a natural affiliation with Cinderella (pre Fairy Godmother).

How cute. Buy these plus more here.

Antoni & Alison1 

Antoni & Alison1 French

Antoni & Alison Waitress 

Antoni & Alison1 Glamour Puss 

Antoni & Alison1 Shirt & Tie 

Antoni & Alison1 Clown Bow 

Antoni & Alison1 Cindarella