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  1. Young Wonder-To You

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    Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 00.14.38

    My cousin introduced me to this most haunting and wonderful song and it’s been stuck in my head for DAYS. I think you’d like it to be stuck in yours too. x

  2. FLEAS

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    Krakow Flea
    Not the itchy kind you have to pick off your dog in summer, but the ones where you can delve into other peoples trash in order to make it your treasure. I was recently filming in Krakow and unearthed a wonderful market where I could have spent days… Full of antique coffee sets and giant chandeliers, ancient religious memorabilia, random knick-knacks and military gear. It was the day of the mens Wimbledon final and I stumbled upon an old tennis racket that will look quite fabulous hanging from a wall, whenever or wherever that may be. But it made me remember how much I love flea markets, car-boot sales and the like, places where you buy a bargain with a story, something that’s already lived a life and is now part of yours….
  3. Louis Vuitton RESORT

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    LV Resort


    Nicolas Ghesquière is a genius. I have loved him ever since I saw his deliciously ridiculous laminate heels back in the Balenciaga days. He’s now at the helm of Louis Vuitton and his most resent resort collection made me finally happy that he’s the man for the job. LV has always been elaborate and decadent, slightly over the top in fabrication and embellishment, never afraid of the bells and whistles. Its what we loved and expected.

    On this outing Ghesquière  has been much more playful; collaging mismatched prints, embroidering lace with tiny seed beads, and accessorizing with spiky silver belts and gladiator sandal-boots up to the knees. Deep pink was paired with baby pink, and caution orange with yellow and sea blue—”a game of colors,” he called it. I am ALL over it and can not wait to rummage around the collection and bring this orange jacket for a walk in the London rain!!

    LV Resort2

    LV Resort3

    LV Resort4


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    Last week I had the pleasure of touring the North coast of Ireland for a series I’m filming. It was a deliciously surprising treat! I haven’t been around that neck of the woods since I was a kid and it is breathtakingly beautiful. Helped along by the fact that I was at the wheel of an old 60’s VW camper van, named Rupert. He was fabulous. A little hard on the arms but once I got used to that fact I had a ball and we were solid old pals by the end. If you’re not taking a foreign jaunt this summer, don’t lament. We have a wonderful, colourful (in every sense of the word) country at our finger tips. Hit the open road and revisit the holidays of your childhood! I am now desperate to head to Trabolgan and hit the wave pool and big yellow slide with gusto.