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  1. Brunch like a king

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    Brunch is a sacred social ritual for me these days and one I’d much rather indulge in than dinner or cocktails or, gasp, even a night on the tiles. It’s true I may need to get a life but the habit of dishing up a salty bacon and smocked salmon balanced with green, life-giving goodies and sweet potatoes, home-made guacamole, corn fritters or whatever the hell you’re into, makes me happy. It feels like a meal where bonding is done, it’s more intimate and personal and usually ends up with Sunday drifting along in a blur of laughter and endless chatter. Bloody Mary’s are optional but recommended… Try a DIY station where your crew can add booze, tomatoes and all the spicy dreams to suit their tastes! Follow my Instagram account for more foodie stuff, I’m attempting to fashion myself as a ginger Martha Stewart.


  2. Dream Bed

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    LOVE Interiors


    There is nothing better then folding yourself into freshly washed sheets, sinking pillows that smell of fresh air and a fluffy duvet that makes dreams come quickly. Dreams of exotic places and limitless opportunities, where there is no doubt or doubters, no glass ceiling or red tape, where you never question yourself , where ideas are nurtured and ambitions are realised, where only possibility exists…

  3. Sweet Stones

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    Don’t judge me but I have recently become a little obsessed with crystals. I’m not talking blinged-up accessories and diamante-encrusted false lashes. I’m talking holistic, hippie-dippie natural stones that do nice things for you. From Rose Quartz for a broken heart or a bruised love button to fluorite for manifesting. I know it sounds a bit nuts but there’s something very comforting about having them around, they make me feel calm and peaceful rather than anxious and FREAKED out. Somehow, weird angst-y feelings are soothed by these smooth little rocks that represents something you don’t feel but desperately wish you did. I’ve been sleeping with these under my pillow, you’ll find some scattered at the bottom of my bag and others on my desk. I also keep a couple close to my heart, yep, tucked in my bra! You can call me “crystal tits” from now on.

    Also love the idea above… flat, redundant stones that you can pick up from anywhere and turn into magic little rocks of intention.

    Happy New Year!!



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    On a morning like this morning it should be a big, thick towelled robe, one with excess fluff that may even be bobbled and a bit tired looking. A trusted old robe that feels safe and familiar. That does the job intended and despite appearances you’re reluctant to throw out. If you’re ever feeling ruthless and decide to retire it altogether, get yourself a silk lovely like this…