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  1. We Own The Night

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    Last night I headed off to do Nike & Elle’s 10k in Victoria Park. I had spent the morning at the polo, as you do, and so my race food preparation was a little off. With vodka soaked cherry tomatoes, scones, foie gras, strawberry moose and the most delicious white chocolate moose jumping around in my belly, I thought I may hurl but there was no time for that!! I did mine in under 50mins and bar a nasty blister am feeling positively wonderful today! Seriously, such an incredible initiative, it was amazing to see thousands of young women competing against each other, supporting each other and ultimately necking champagne to toast their achievements…. Off to swallow some DIY vodka tomatoes!






  2. Dream Girl


    Dream Girl


    There’s no need for me to wax on about the perfectness of this combination. The drawstring waist with the heavy polka wool or the lather biker with the giant sheepskin. It’s an art in upside down inside out dreaminess…

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  3. Raw Zucchini Pasta


    *Translation* Zucchini is courgette in English.

    Raw Zucchini Pasta

    First off, I ordered this by mistake. It read “courgette linguine” on the menu so I assumed I was having pasta with some roasted oil-drenched veg, so far so carb-y. Anyway, I ordered my linguine and was bloody starving…. I watched in horror as she removed and scooped out handfuls of shredded courgette (there were a few olives thrown in there), piled it high added some (cold) sauce and a sprinkling of rocket and wa la. Well if Bob’s your Uncle, Fanny is your disgruntled hungry Aunt, or so I assumed.  BUT I kid you not this shit was a revelation! It’s a bowl of vegetables that looks, feels and tastes pretty much like a carb fest… It’s like pasta lads!!

    I should have known it wouldn’t be a bowl of stodge since I was in Cornucopia. Now, if you’re not already familiar with this place you need to take a trip. It’s a pretty low key joint but the food is insanely good. It’s vegetarian with some vegan options and more recently they’ve been venturing int ‘raw’ food offerings. If you’re into Gazpacho try the avocado and carrot soup… Anyway, I’m kind of fascinated by the whole raw food movement and although it seems impractical and completely limiting this dish has, once again, piqued my interest. Because I love you I’ve dug out a recipe that I think will be even more wonderful.

    Serves 1 (yes, 1. Make double if you want to serve 2!)

    2 cups of sprialised zucchini (video here)- you could also use a mandoline on julienne slicer or use a simple vegetable peeler to make fettucine strips

    1 T olive oil

    1 T lemon juice

    1 T nutritional/savoury yeast

    1/2 t himalayan sea salt

    6 cherry tomatoes quartered

    3 T fresh rosemary (use less if dried)

    Place the zucchini in a bowl with the olive oil, lemon juice, yeast & salt, and mix through with your hands till evenly coated.

    Gently toss through the cherry tomatoes and rosemary.

    Garnish with fresh sprigs of rosemary.

    Recipe via ->This guy<- plus he’s got more RAW stuff on there so knock yourself out!


  4. Mom Jeans…

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    Mom Jeans


    They’re the very best kind. Not conventionally sexy, actually they’re kind of gross but I am OBSESSED. I’ve been wearing them for donkeys and as soon as I slip into them I feel like I’m stepping back in time, or am I going ahead in time? *must avoid soccer mom vibes* Maybe ‘Mom Jeans’ are not ironic if worn in a Mumsy way. Still, there’s nothing like a baggy arse on a Saturday…

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  5. and…CLEANSE



    I am a hoarder. Not the type that gets lost under pizza boxes or keeps boxes of clothes long after the moths have eaten the good shit. Not the kind of hoarder that in my head is just a bit gross. Nope, I just have stuff. Lots of it. None of it’s mouldy, there are no unwanted animals hiding amidst it, it’s just honest to goodness, excessive at times, stuff.

    Yet when I furnish my imaginary mansion I am drawn towards a blank canvas, not the ‘charming’ cluttered apartment I currently inhabit. I want minimalism and whiteness and a general cleansing of the palette. It’s as if placing myself in this new, clear, clutter-free home will rid me of my tendency to cling to things from yesterday, sentimental things that remind me of people and times and things that make me happy. I once kept a rose shaped potato that was a garnish on a dish at a cheap-ass Chinese restaurant my ex boyfriend brought me to. After a few years, it turned black and died, much like the relationship but it took me a bit too long to part with it. Anyway, you get the picture, it’s not just menaingful memorable things, much of my ‘stuff’ is utter shite. The kind of things I might chuck immediately if I didn’t think that maybe someone else might like them or use them or maybe even need them more than my spoiled self…

    I shall endevour to be tidy and clean and to purge every month. To refine my wardrobe, building a respectable capsule made up of ‘investment’ pieces that will last the test of time. I will do the same in my sitting room, chucking my IKEA bits one by one and picking up special pieces as I go. Less is more. I shall repeat this mantra daily until I can see my bedroom floor clearly and allow people into my space without fear of judgement!




  6. Hair change…



    I’m a serious fan of Bumble Bumble ‘Surf Spray’. It’s the only texturizing spray that works for me and I’ve tried them all… My hair is pretty fine and I hate it looking too straight or shiny; I prefer it scruffy, a bit undone and lived-in looking. Surf spray does just that (although a bit of dry shampoo never hurts), adding a gritty texture which makes it much easier to style and work with. It’s the ideal product for beachy waves but we’re all a bit tired of them so I’ve been trying to get inspired and to break out of my comfort zone and wear my hair ‘up’, in something other than a ballet bun! It’s easy as anything and out of the way which appeals to the lazy and practical side of me but I sometimes feel like a five year old.

    Instead I’m going to try this ridiculously messy version of a topknot or a sort drooping high-pony. Or maybe I’ll give the DIY rope knot a shot or a back combed, under-turned, half up-half down scenario that looks like LA in a hair do. It should never be precise or too practiced looking, let the strays run free and mess it up if it’s looking a bit precious using the texture of your own hair or building it up if you’re locks are too silky. Basically you’re looking for a done in the dark vibe, a modern take on bed-head…


    Bumble Bumble “Surf Spray”

    Label M “Ressurection Dust”

    Batiste “Dry Shampoo-XXL”

    Elnett hairspray