Internet retailer ASOS have officially crossed the line from fast fashion fix to vintage lust with the newly launched Susan Caplan collection. The hotly anticipated vintage jewellery line carries unique pieces from classic designers including Chanel and Dior to name a few. Picture the jewellery box of a member of the Dynasty cast and you'll get the picture. And with prices ranging from £32 to £1794 it is quite reminiscent of the Dynasty period's penchant for excess.

Yes, the pieces are a bit extravagant but if you have an eye for once-off antique accessories and you're not afraid to part with a penny or two then this is right up your alley. The lovely people at ASOS have handpicked some, pardon the pun, real gems that would take us mere mortals years of scouring ebay sites and antique fairs to track down and packaged them all into a nice, ready-to-go package.

At times when markets are volatile and stock unreliable, a woman likes to invest her money right where she can see it, in a blinding Vintage Chanel Gold Tone Etched Logo Drop Pendant Necklace, of course. So do not be afraid, all you need is some fashion forward thinking and, ahem, a credit card. Not for the faint hearted, nor the empty pocketed, however for those of you brave enough to indulge your inner Jackie Collins, I salute you. The rest of us shall have to look on in amazement and drool…

Guest post written by; Sarah O'Hegarty. See her fab blog here for more!

ASOS Vintage Jewellery Collection 

ASOS Vintage Jewellery Collection3
ASOS Vintage Jewellery Collection4   

ASOS Vintage Jewellery Collection2