Elaine Prendeville
AS: People working fashion always seem to have “just fallen into it”! Was it always your intention to work in the industry?

EP: I had always loved English at school, and would cover my copybooks in catwalk pictures cut out from magazines, so I suppose that ending up working in magazines was the natural order of things! I studied International Business and Languages for a grand total of six months before realising that I should transfer to a degree in journalism at DIT Aungier Street. Within a year there I had heard of an opening for an editorial assistant at Irish Tatler. I went for it, and couldn't believe my luck when I was taken on. I've worked across several titles since, returning to Irish Tatler three years ago. 

AS: What is your official position at Tatler?
EP: I am the Editor of Irish Tatler magazine. 

AS: What’s the best perk of the job?
EP: The variety involved is the best perk of the job. Every day really is different, and it's generally a lot of fun trying to think of new ways to do things. You could rearrange a magazine a hundred times and easily find another hundred ways to do it. It's also lovely to hear from readers – that makes the late nights at the desk feel worthwhile. 

AS: What is the hardest part about your job? 
EP: Deadlines are still the hardest part. It doesn't matter how many issues you have under your belt, you still feel that something could go horribly wrong. But I think you need to have that feeling to make sure it doesn't. 

AS: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
EP: I knew where I wanted to be five years ago, and here I am – so I have to get thinking about the next five now! I'd be happy to see the number of Irish Tatler readers continue to increase. 

AS: Who is your fashion icon and why?
EP: I love Roisin Murphy's sense of style – she is brilliant at dressing as if for the stage in everyday life. There's a sense of humour and a fearlessness in the often bizarre, overblown pieces she wears. I don't seek to emulate her style, but I definitely enjoy wearing clothes that some people will love and others will really hate. 

AS: Who is your favourite designer and which high street shop do you love
EP: I get excited about a different designer every season but if I had to choose one it would have to, quite predictably be Chanel. It's the combination of timelessness and modernity that is so consistently appealing.

AS: Tell us about your best bargain buy?
EP: I recently bought two dresses by Martin Margiela for a hundred dollars each at Century 21 in New York – pleased with those! I also found a great Diane Von Furstenberg blouse for a fiver in a charity shop a few years back. And a pair of Chloe snakeskin heels from Harvey Nichols last season were reduced by 70% and have had lots of wear.

AS: Which trend will you be adopting for Spring/Summer ’09 and what do you intend to avoid like the plague!? 
EP: I like the cover-up trend that's coming through for spring – rather than fleshing the flesh there are softly tailored suits and all-in-one swimsuits (so glad they're back!). I should avoid the jumpsuit trend, but I am tempted, for the comfort if nothing else…

AS: Finally, is it true that “fashion folk” don’t eat! What did you have for breakfast this morning?
EP: A gin and tonic. No, it's not true that people working in the fashion industry don't eat – well certainly not in Ireland anyway. We have 'Cake Fridays' in the office, if that's anything to go by!

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