Chanel Ok, so that was a bit cheeky and not entirely true. It’s not quite Chanel-the real deal, painfully gorgeous, debt inducing-Chanel. But I have stumbled upon a little beauty to keep me ticking over until I can splash the cash on Lagerfeld’s finest.

It is every designer’s dream is to create something so fabulous that it transcends fashion and becomes a classic: the Gucci loafer, the Burberry trench coat, the Hermes bag. But, creating something iconic is only half the battle, the precious item must then be endlessly tweaked to keep it modern and fresh ensuring that it is as relevant today as the year it was created. When Coco Chanel died in 1971, her classic tweed jacket could have died too but Lagerfeld has managed to reinvent it over-and-over so that it is now at the top of every fashionistas wish list.

While bagging one of these beautiful pieces is not an option for most of us there is no reason why we can’t have a little slice of the glamour. House of Fraser’s Chanel-inspired suit has gotten me very excited! Lose the pearls (too prissy with tweed), ditch the skirt (too granny with the jacket), add skinny jeans, a splash of gold, a simple white T-shirt and a rocking pair of heels or Converse and the 1930’s classic becomes new all over again… Oh-la-la!