DiamondSarah Jessica Parker: The Everlasting Love Affair

I’ve had a love affair with Sarah Jessica Parker for a long time. In my eyes she can do no wrong and anyone who calls her a horse is a dickhead! She rocks and not just because she was Carrie and introduced me to a myriad of designers when even Topshop was still out of reach.

As Carrie she was my dream. I wished I could be her. The way she wrote. Talking to herself. In short, sharp tones. Always questioning? She made me want to be a writer with my wild hair thrown a top my head wearing a mans button down shirt and builders socks while typing furiously on a Mac in the New York humidity.
She was living the dream and leading the way. Perfect in her absolutely obvious imperfectness! Wild and confused just like me. Apart from her unrealistic ability to afford Gucci-this and Manolo-that despite being on a freelance writers wage, she was flawless…

Carrie’s gone and SJP has all but vanished apart from the odd red carpet appearance or a pap picture of her wearing crop jeans and holding her kids hands in New York. But I can still feel her presence. I ask her what she thinks when I wear a Tim Ryan fringed dress that my fella says makes me look like big bird. She says it’s great and that he hasn’t got a clue anyway. She’s right and I listen… Sometime there are characters-real and fictional-who bound into your life and make an impact. They may go but they will always hold a little piece of your heart.
SJP I salute you, for being deadly and encouraging me to be brave and ridiculous in equal measure and to build up debt buying shoes I never wear… #NoRegrets

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DiamondThe so called ‘Trollsen’ Twins

So, it seems PETA have gone ape shit on the Olsen twins dubbing them Hairy-Kate and Trashly Trollsen. All because they just launched a bag costing €17,000. Well it’s not the cost per se but the fact that it’s made from fur. Do you agree with PETA calling out designers, store owners etc? While the Olsens are not short of a few quid, many people make their living selling animal fur and such negative attention can be detrimental.  It’s a sensitive issue and many people, including me, will remain on the fence… but Anna Wintour is an unashamed fan and refuses to apologise for her penchant for fur. Shouldn’t there be freedom to decide either way without fear of being targeted? Or are PETA just protecting those animals who can’t protect themselves?

DiamondInterview with Covetique…


It’s easy to get me to talk about stuff I love, places I’ve been and more importantly stealing clothes from celebrities. That’s what Covetique did here and then wrapped it all up to make it purdy x

DiamondPaisley-don’t you just love this?!

I wish I was this poddle pink haired girl, head-to-toe in Jil Sander looking fucking deadly x

DiamondThe Fashion Jury-Grazia

I’ve been writing for Grazia Daily for ages now, see my latest ‘How to Wear’ piece ->here<- but am very happy to join The Fashion Jury!! In this week’s issue out today I’m taking a peep at Beyonce, Olivia Palermo, Jada Pinkett Smith and Jessica Chatain (my new girl love)…

DiamondIf we had a summer, a picnic would be lovely…

Obviously all of the above is bollocks as we don’t have sunshine and it’s looking unlikely to change what with hurricane’s and floods and what not. SERIOUSLY, it’s June. The kids are miserable and under pressure doing exams, it’s supposed to be glorious outside, those are the rules. I like rules, I wish there were some that still made sense…

Anyway, this came from Thursday Friday, a handbag company that I wrote about for the Huffington Post recently (->see here<-), they’re based in LA, hence the picnic references. How were they to know?! So, let’s hope for the best and assume that at some point this summer a picnic will be relevant to our lives… if and when it is, below is how to do it in style!

Here’s what we’d pack:

  • Fest Together bag,  Caicos blue
  • Ralph Lauren Caribbean stripe beach towel beach towel
  • Light summer white wine from Portugal – Opala vinho verde
  • Lucques green olives from Whole Foods
  • Sesame hummus from Whole Foods, La Brea Bakery baguette
  • Acrylic green double old-fashioned tumblers from Crate & Barrel
  • Green grapes from Whole Foods in an Ikea reusable plastic container
  • Screwpull compact corkscrew bottle opener

Picnic Tips:

  • Bring a supermarket bag for trash and a bag for beach shoes.
  • Bring a change of shoes for the ride home.
  • We love these Bambu single use plates and flatware.
  • This Crate & Barrel ice mat will wrap around the wine bottle with cool to spare for the grapes and hummus.
  • Make sure alcohol and fire are allowed at your favorite beach before setting up the tea lights and uncorking the vinho verde.
  • Speaking of – don’t forget matches or a lighter.
  • Napkins would be great, too!