DiamondBlogger rants…

So, a couple of weeks ago I was involved in a cross country chinwag with a bunch of bloggers from around Europe to launch ChicBuzz Magazine… Above from top left! Emily from Fashion Foie Gras, Emilie Daudin from The Brunette,Renata Araújo from You Must Go, Isabelle O’Carroll from Isabelle OC and Kate Kanishcheva fromTrendspace, Lucia del Pasqua from The Fashion Politan, Tiany Kiriloff from Belmodo.Tv, Rebeca Labara from A Trendy Life Style and Katja Ivanova from Katjusha Dawai.

Below is a snippet of some of what went on… I’m pretty sure I said more interesting things than the quotes chosen but you’ll just have to take my word for it! Be sure to check out some of the other bloggers too x

ChicBuzz® Magazine: When did you launch your blog? Do you remember what your first post was about?

Angela Scanlon (at Kildare Village): “About four years ago! I wrote about my sister’s upcoming wedding and picking her dress! Most were couture, hers wasn’t!”

Emilie Daudin, The Brunette (at La Vallée Village): “I launched mine in 2007 and my first post was about my shopping session at [the] Marc by Marc Jacobs store in Paris.”

CBM: What makes your blog different from other fashion or lifestyle blogs?

Tiany Kiriloff, Belmodo.TV (at Maasmechelen Village): “It’s a personal thing, if you like eclectic, vintage, colours and prints… then you’ll like me :) .”

Emily Johnston, Fashion Foie Gras (in London): “It’s about bringing fashion news to the masses as and when it happens. I basically don’t sleep. That’s the secret.”

CBM: We have bloggers from around the world tweeting us today – what do you think sets your city’s style apart from all the others?

Isabelle O’Carroll, fashion writer (at Bicester Village): “London is my hometown, I love the eccentricity and devil may care, DIY attitude to fashion – experimentation rules!”

Lucia del Pasqua, The Fashionpolitan (at Fidenza Village): “I am a Tuscany girl, living for/near Milan, so for me, fashion is indeed, chaotic, but calm chaos #italianeasymood”[s1]

CBM: Who are your style icons?

Renata Araújo, You Must Go! (in Brazil): “Tory Burch, Gisele Bündchen, Scarlett Johansson, Marc Jacobs, Kate Middleton are some [of them]”

Emily Johnston: “Carolyn Bessette, Jackie O, Ralph Lauren (yes, he himself is a style icon).”

CBM: How would you describe your personal style? Any signature items

Isabelle O’Carroll: “My personal style is a mix of preppy classic, always with a silly piece like tie-dye tights or a vintage jumper.”

Lucia del Pasqua: “You can have your apple days, your pear days – and even a banana day. My only ‘trademark’ is +12 heels.”

Irina Shifrina: “I can probably speak for everyone! Casual is the most honest answer!”

CBM: We recently launched our ‘Art of the Detail’ accessories campaign. What is your go-to accessory?

Angela Scanlon: “Accessories are a huge part of my style. Lots of rings, random earrings, a great bag and shoes!! I adore UGLY shoes!”

Emily Johnson: “My go-to accessory is definitely a chunky necklace! Can instantly change any outfit.”

CBM: What are your three favourite trends for spring/summer 2012? What’s on your wish list?

Rebeca Labara: “Pastel colours, especially mint in every garment: dresses, blouses, pants…”

Irina Shifrina: “My wish list includes a Le Labo perfume, a Chanel bag and a new pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.”

CBM: Favourite fashion capital?

Emilie Daudin: “Either Paris or New York – they are two very different but complementary cities!”

Lucia del Pasqua: “There is no such thing as a fashion capital, even grannies out in the countryside who back-comb their hair with lacquer on Sundays are in fashion, in their own way. Every city has its fashionable side, every little village where grannies lacquer their hair on Sundays :)

Renata Araújo: “Paris!!! There’s nothing like it!!!”

CBM: Apart from the new #ChicBuzzMag app (available on the App Store), what’s your favourite app?

Angela Scanlon: “Pinterest is great for moodboards and keeping track of inspiration. Instagram is cool for making your life look glossy, even if it’s not!”

Lucia del Pasqua: “Instagram. A GRAM of INSTA a day keeps the doctor away.”


DiamondOutfit Post-kind of

So, it’s not as low-fi as usual and it’s also not on my grotty terrace so you may be a little uncomfortable but this is one of my most favourite-est outfits I’ve worn in donkies. I wore it to the Diet Coke/Gaultier bottle launch, it was not very well planned but is the perfect mixture of flashing and manky! I was meeting my boyf for a fat Mexican (meal) after. First he laughed, which is not unusual… backstory I have the most beautiful Tim Ryan fringed blush pink knit top that  I once wore to dinner with friends, he fondly referred to me as big bird for the night-I can’t tell you now that Big Bird don’t spend that much dough on his feathers! Anyway, his response to above outfit was better. On reflection he mailed to say this; “I love the Gun slinging, basketball playing, mermaid look….its my fav x”. I think it’s my ‘fav’ too.

I can’t even remember who I stole the Michael Jordan ‘Bulls’ vest from but I adore it. I wear it running and to bed and to… other stuff. It’s an all rounder. Skirt is from Zara and camouflage jacket from Shutterbug.


What do you think?!

Image; Anthony Woods

DiamondGold Reebok High-Tops and some other stuff.

I bought these last week in Siopaella. If you haven’t been make sure to check it out ->here<- but pop in to the Temple Bar store if you can. The selection is great and their Facebook doesn’t do them justice… I spied an old Mulberry croc-skin rucksack and a pair of patent flatforms that would be mine if only they fit. I also bought a yellow wicker visor which is so hidieously New York-Granny that I had to have it.

But these gold babies… They cost me €60 and if I never wore them I’d be happy just to catch sight of them on a shelf or the floor every now and again. They’re so shiny and beautiful with coloured polka dot print lining, rainbow stripes and yellow gold that is just tacky enough. I told my boyf that they’re ‘limited edition’, he said I sounded like Turtle from Entourage. I’ll take that, he’s always been the most upder rated anyway. I wore these to The Light House cinema last night to see Dark Shadows, Tim Burton‘s vampire movie based in 1972 starring Johnny Depp, Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer and Helena Bonham Carter. Special mention to Eva Green who was rocking and made me think of Goldie Hawn in Death Becomes Her… Always a winner and so much more interesting than her Bond character!

Diamondlonging for sunshine…

DiamondThe Art of The Detail Style Studio with me…

A belt, a bangle, (a neon sock!) the little detail that ties it all together, that’s what style is all about. It’s what has defined the icons of our time and is more relevant than ever considering our penchant for high-low dressing…

So, I’m delighted to be hosting an event along with Kildare Village as part of their ‘Art of the Detail’ accessories campaign. On Saturday 5th May from 1pm – 3pm  I’ll be on hand to give you advice or help with any accessory under the sun! Which belt to add to your favourite old dress, what bag to suit your lifestyle or the best sunnies for your face… whatever the drama I’ll sort you out.

Those who take part will leave with a luxurious goody bag filled with gorgeous accessories and their updated look will be photographer and posted to Kildare Village’s Facebook and Twitter pages so you can tag like a mad woman!  If you’re a little backward about coming forward worry not, The Art of The Detail Style Spotters will be around the Village on the hunt for fashionistas with their own unique sartorial style so we’ll find you one way or another… Take a look at the video below, inspired by a recent popular movie… any guesses?!

In other news, I’ll be taking part in a bloggers event this Thursday in Kildare Village but you don’t need to actually be there to get in on the action. Chic Buzz are relaunching their online magazine and to make the occassion I’ll be joining 6 others from around Europe to answer lots of questions! So, if there’s anything you’ve ever wanted to ask (keep it clean!) now’s your chance. Just follow me here on Twitter and use the hashtag #ChicBuzzMag