DiamondThere are never too many ways to swing an army jacket

When I’m asked what my favourite piece of clothing in the world is (that I actually own) I find it hard to think of anything that trumps my army jacket. That may sound ridiculous but it’s a legend and I feel my wardrobe would be a lonely place without it. It doesn’t sound like the sexier of wardrobe staples but when I wear mine I feel nothing but joy! I wear it on shoots when I need a million pockets, on TV when I’m bollo*ed and only that olive green will make me look alive, when I’m having a shit day and I need an authority injection or a great day and I just want to dress in the sartorial equivalent of pajamas. Nothing says I-rolled-out-of-bed-in-this-and-still-look-fabulous quite like an army jacket.

I got my camoflague one from Shutterbug and have an old plain one that cost me a fiver in The Loft years ago… Keep an eye out in charity shops of ask Blanaid in Shutterbug if she’s expecting some in x Here’s just ONE way I wear mine!

DiamondJoseph-how I love thy grungy layer fest

I’ve always been a fan of Joesph’s modern clean pieces and classic basics, and they do a mean gillet every Winter but this season their collection makes me think of a very young Kate Moss in the early nineties circa Johnny Depp when she wore parka’s and baggy trousers, lots of layers and an eternal smile. I miss this Kate. Maybe I’ll buy some tartan to console myself… available in Brown Thomas

See rest of collection here


Diamond5 reasons to wear neon hotpants

OK, I get that there’s a teeny issue with my neon obsession but I’m working on it. Until then, I’m working on these. Denim cut offs from Topshop in luscious, edible neon pink! So many ways to wear, so many ways to style…

DiamondStuff I like & things I don’t


Ugly Shoes. Polenta. Whiskey. Lipstick. Neon socks. Strawberry Ice Cubes. Carmex. Nailpolish. Smelly Candles. Cheese.Macaroons. Running. Simon Cowell. Money. Honey. Lavender Stuff. Bed. Weights.Quiet Confidence. Villagers. Honesty. Modesty. Laughs.  Black Sheep. Piss Takes. Pints in the Sun. Clueless. One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest. Al Pacino. Dark horses.

What you wanted to do in school


Hoovering. Cleaning. Cats. Tidying. Washing Up. Twats. Boring people. Boring twats. Gobshites. Chicken. Twilight. Farts. Tits on a plate. Fake tan. Dry lips. Devine Comedy CLub. Heart burn. Spoiled children. Spoiled adults. Dickheads. Burnt Coffee. Tea towels. Liars. Bullshitters. Sand in Knickers.

DiamondBaby baby

My older sister is soon to have a little baby and to say we’re excited is the understatement of the year. I’ve been stalking baby clothes like some creepy baby lover since the news broke but it’s now all feeling very real and somewhat acceptable! This pic made me think of me and my sister as kids… obviously we had different parents in this imagining but mostly it’s the roller skates, the wide-eyed innocence and the sense of mischief. I hope her little one is as cheeky as we were x