DiamondI’ve fallen…

For the most unlikely, impractical pair of boots ever. They’re in my head now and I’m seriously considering splurging on them for Christmas. What do you think? Yay or nay?! Please keep in mind, my favourite shoes are the ugliest ones imaginable. Ugly is good…

By Missioni, available on Net-A-Porter

DiamondKnitted stools by Claire Anne O’Brien

Knits may be everywhere this season but if you’re not getting off on Jil Sander then you might just get on to a fluffy, wool stool. This is the coolest piece of interior kit I’ve seen in ages and for Winter it seems like the ultimate indulgence. In fairness, you probably have a million jumpers already so save on another and grab some handcrafted loveliness instead, you’ll be thankful when the cold snap rolls in and you’re lounging in PJ’s and cashmere socks.

Irish born Claire-Anne OBrien spends between 1 day to 3 days making these stools, mixing hand knitting with machine before constructing 3d patterns by hand. “I have some nice ladies who do the hand knitting for me and a local carpenter makes the stools”. Keeping it local Claire-Anne, that’s what we like to hear! As a textile designer Claire Anne is obsessed with texture and colour and believe that textiles can really transform a space. With a sculptural approach to textiles, O’Brien brings fabrics to life in three dimensions and uses wool, lambs wool and sheep’s wool so you’re guaranteed a super-cosy finish and some bang for your buck.

But what about actually sitting on them (God knows I’m a tad clumsy and it seems too pretty to squash?!) “They are very much craft items and intended for light domestic use but they’re sturdier than you’d think! The fabrics are fully upholstered and sprayed with a fabric protector, they can be spot cleaned too so they’re quite durable”. Phew!
Currently the pieces are made to order and available through her website http://www.claireanneobrien.com/ with the most popular style (I’m calling this the looper) on Style Tonic for €495.

DiamondThe bucket list

Source: None via Taylor on Pinterest


I’m gonna do a list like this… I think having goals visible at all times is the only way my feather head remembers them!

DiamondAll bloused up…

I’m really into Natalie B Coleman right now, well her clothes, not her exactly, although she’s pretty amazing too! Anyway her current collection is called ‘All the jewellery I never got” and the name alone was enough for me. It’s an amazing collection of printed silks that feel so buttery and wonderful they’re almost edible! One piece in particular stands out; a striped sheer cream blouse printed with the most beautiful, multicoloured jewels. Romantic and rocking at the same time…

The blouse, for me, is like the perfect piece, sartorially speaking. It’s understated but dressed, casual but chic, pretty but not too much. The blouse is basically deadly and in my eyes can do no wrong. Whether it’s floaty and ethereal like Rodarte or gorgeously graphic like Celine, a blouse forms a base for any outfit and can be put with literally anything. Slung casually over cutoff jeans, tucked neatly into a pleated skirt or leather mini, under a cable knit with coloured trousers and just about any other way you can think to wear it.

Go sheer if you’re looking for sexy not secretary, and just add contrasting underwear or a plain bandeau underneath (American Apparel are the best for these but Topshop do cool ones too). If you prefer the androgynous look that’s everywhere this season, button that bad boy right up. Add a bow or a brooch or tuck a chunky necklace beneath the collar, it’s a really nice way to add your own stamp to a blouse or even a plain white shirt.

If you’re on a blouse hunt and not likely to stretch to Rodarte, you can’t go wrong with Equipment (at BT2). The company was set up back in the 70’s by Carine Roitfeld’s husband.  With an ex-French Vogue editor on side the blouses have inevitably become a fash-pack favourite. In rich rainbow brights, basic neutrals, snakeskin prints and stripes, they’re always of-the-moment but classic. Hey, if it’s good enough for Princess Di?!

My favourite place for blouses on the high street;

-If you’re looking for a bargain, check out COS. They’ve got an amazing printed rust one at the moment for around €50.

-Zara is another great place to look as they do really quick catwalk to high street pieces; if you’re a trend chaser then stop by there to stock up.

-You can’t go wrong with Topshop, ever.

-Reiss is fab if you’re looking for something smart and sophisticated.

What’s your favourite blouse look? Who wears it well?

Image via; The Sartorialist, Jak n Jil, Natalie B Coleman


DiamondPolly Bean

I’ve been friends with Polly Bean for the past few months have fallen in love with her humour and attitude to fashion! You may have heard about the fashion week(s) scheduling nightmare (read about it in Grazia here), well while it’s causing much distress and frustration with fashion folk the world over, but particularly in London, Polly has managed to see the light side of things! See her blog on Vogue.com

DiamondLooks I Love

On the street. In Paris. This is the most un-Paris outfit I’ve ever seen and I love her even more for that!

Photo via Glamour.co.uk