DiamondLiberty obsessed right now…

I do dig a bit of Liberty print-whether it’s on Nike trainers, Super Future Proof sunnies or simple tees. It’s a classic and has been around for donkies but the designs and collaborations that Liberty choose ensure that it feels fresh and current. These are a new obsession. The wrap around leather strap, the print (obviously), the lack of numbers (perfect excuse for being late) and they go with everything. Any of them. For sale here at 90 STR x

Diamondblack tie baby!

black tie baby!

I’m off to a black tie wedding in a couple of weeks and getting inspiration! I know that black tie doesn’t mean black dress but I do love a it of reverse, upside down tuxedo action. When you’re in a black dress, blazer and otherwise pretty simple outfit you can go a bit nuts with accessories which is always a positive as far as I’m concerned…

What do you wear when you see Black Tie??

Diamondon yer bike The Sartorialist on wheels

You all know my love of Scott Schuman’s work on The Sartorialist (although it has become a bit self indulgent of late). Anyway, I have his book, full of beautiful pictures, and I have gifted it to lots of friends. I often wondered what direction he would go next but after looking through his blog recently it appears his latest street obsession is gorgeous women, and men, on bicycles. The Sartorialist on wheels… watch this space!

DiamondSlashstroke gets off on Joanne Hynes

I adore this! It’s Joanne Hynes AW11 collection photographed for Slashstroke Magazine and accompanied by a slick interview with the woman herself. This is the perfect way to showcase Joanne’s excess; on a sharp, stark background with a decent dollop of irony. Styled and photographed by the multitalented David Poole.

DiamondGRAZIA Daily

So, last week I was on holiday and while I was gone my first ever interview for GRAZIA DAILY went live. Without sounding naff or silly, this is a bit of a dream come true. I adore Grazia and what they do, so to be writing for them now is pretty RAD!

My first piece was an interview with the fab Christian Louboutin followed closely by the equally amazing, if a little less known (for now), Tim Ryan… Thanks to everyone for all the support and well wishes and keep an eye here for lots more ‘instant Grazification‘!!


DiamondWhat’s in my suitcase…

So, I’m off on holiday to France in the morning. It feels like I haven’t been away for ages so I’m really looking forward to kicking back with a book (Patti Smith autobiography), drinking lots of red wine, eating nice food, hanging out with friends and having some quality time with my man friend! I’m all packed up and surprisingly organised for once, usually I’m up till all hours getting everything together but I was working tonight so needed to be on top of things… The above is what’s actually in my case (except the fringed jacket is Tim Ryan instead of Malene Birger). The sequin playsuit (Reiss), hat (TK Maxx), blazer (mine’s Zara not D&G) and yellow block heels are for the wedding, the rest for chill and play!

I’ve been so mental with work of late that I haven’t had a massive amount of time to create cool stuff for the blog, but, once I get back I’ll be dipping my toe in outfit posts for the first time, and perhaps some video too, which I’ve been threatening for a while. If there’s anything else you’d like to see please shout! Really…

The above Polyvore mash up was inspired by my lovely friend Blanaid who just did an awesome LA inspired set on her blog…